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Welcome to Octopus Consulting Insight

Octopus Consulting Insight is a US and Benin based consulting firm which exists to provide high-quality consulting services to a variety of private, public, and non-profit organizations around the world. We maximize impact through local networks, the strengths of our diverse team members, expertise in data collection and analysis, and knowledge of best practices to exceed our client expectations. Our inclusive approaches and commitment to rigorous data management make us stand out amongst other consulting firms. 

Our areas of expertise include:

Our Values

Inclusiveness – Our approach to consulting is rooted in participatory methods that create self-ownership and empower stakeholders throughout the assignment.

Gender Responsiveness – We go beyond the basics to ensure that our evaluations and projects are gender responsive, including the development of evaluation questions, data collection methods, and conclusions/recommendations.

Innovation – The Octopus Team strives to seek innovative solutions to challenges to help our partners meet their strategic objectives.

Do No Harm – Working with vulnerable groups increases the risk of doing harm in the data collection and/or evaluation process. We work with our partners to ensure that our work is culturally sensitive, responsive to the security environment, and considerate of the needs of vulnerable groups. One of our key strengths is the network we have developed with local supervisors and enumerators who help us navigate complex environments.

Utilization Focused – We communicate with our partners to understand the intended users of our deliverables and ensure that the entire consulting project is aligned with the specific needs of intended users.


Data collection in Conakry, Guinea
Data collection in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Data collection in the Democratic Republic of Congo.